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Men's Pyjamas

Discover the essential collection of men's pyjamas by Calvin Klein. Soft, breathable fabrics. Elasticated waistbands. The iconic CK logo. Enjoy a good night’s sleep in Calvin Klein’s pyjamas for men. Choose from classic pyjama sets, long pyjama bottoms, or soft pyjama shorts. Wear them with your favourite CK underwear for optimal comfort. For a classic look, opt for a pyjama set with a button-down top and matching bottoms. Keep your feet warm with a pair of slippers. For a more laid-back look, choose a pair of pyjama bottoms with a soft T-shirt or tank top. Want to stay cool on warm nights? A pair of pyjama shorts is the perfect choice. Calvin Klein men’s pyjamas are made of high-quality cotton that will last a lifetime. So you can enjoy them, night after night. CK men’s pyjamas. Supreme comfort for quality sleep.

Are cotton pyjamas breathable?

Cotton pyjamas are known for their breathability, which helps regulate your body temperature by allowing air circulation. Cotton pyjamas are comfortable and lightweight, making them a good choice for moderate or warmer sleep environments.

Are flannel pyjamas warm?

Yes, flannel pyjamas are known for their warmth. Flannel is a soft, woven fabric typically made from cotton. It has a slightly brushed surface, which creates small air pockets that trap warmth. The insulating properties of flannel make flannel pyjamas an excellent choice for winter.