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Boys' T-shirts

Invest in durable basics with the Calvin Klein boys' t-shirts collection. Organic cotton. Comfortable necklines. The iconic CK logo. These t-shirts are designed to give boys confidence. Pair a plain white t-shirt with jeans or joggers for a clean, fresh vibe. Choose a cool graphic t-shirt that communicates their personality. Or combine a long-sleeve t-shirt with a casual denim jacket and boys' shoes on a chilly day. Calvin Klein t-shirts for boys are made with organic cotton that’s kinder to the planet. That’s how we contribute to a better future for kids. Calvin Klein. Designer t-shirts that boys will love for life.

What size t-shirt does my boy need?

Calvin Klein’s t-shirts for boys are available in a wide range of sizes for boys aged 4 to 16 years. Select the most common size for your boy’s age or use the size chart for kids that calculates his perfect fit based on his height, shoulders and chest measurements.

Are Calvin Klein t-shirts for boys made of organic cotton?

Most of Calvin Klein’s boys’ t-shirts are made of organic cotton or an organic cotton blend. Organic cotton is grown with methods that have a low impact on the environment. That’s how we help make children’s fashion future-proof.